Essay About Water Cycle

Dear student In this subject I will tell you about the hydrological cycle, which can cause us if it ends up, its advantages and disadvantages contained in the hydrological cycle and how the cycle is divided then I will tell you a little more about the subject of hydrological cycle .

Water is of great importance in our lives. It changes the relief, transports sediments and deposits nutrients, part of the living tissue is composed of water, in the human body the vital nutrients soluble in water are transported by blood, digestive juices and liquid Lymphatic, the water comes out through urine and perspiration. The hydrological cycle not only transfers water vapor from the surface of the Earth to the atmosphere but also helps to keep the Earth’s surface colder and the atmosphere warmer. In addition it plays a vital role: it allows to sweeten the temperatures and precipitations of different zones of the planet, exchanging heat and humidity between points in very distant occasions.
The movement of water from the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere constitutes in the hydrological cycle the main routes of the water cycle are: evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation.

That I will then tell you their meanings so that you understand it better. Evaporation: the main water deposit is the oceans. Solar radiation determines the evaporation of the oceans and inland waters and this rises to the atmosphere as water vapor, transpiration: plants contribute water vapor to the atmosphere by means of a Process, condensation: the air currents transport the water vapor at great distances forming clouds and precipitation: when the air that leads to the vapor is cooled, it condenses in liquid water and is formed in rain, hail or snow.



The motor of the water cycle is the sun. One of the great advantages of the cycle is the condensation of the water in the form of rain, which inside positively in the life cycle of the plants.


The disadvantages of the groundwater of a hydrological cycle, the disadvantages of surface water in groundwater occur decreases of water levels by strong exploitation, there are also risks of Stabilization in coastal aquifers, there are also changes in quality and salinity Of water, and problems associated with the management and administration of resources, including economic and legislative aspects, including social and cultural problems.
In conclusion is important in our lives if our body would not contain water and you would be dead because several of our organs depends on water and that also prevents the detoxification in humans and as humans you know what we are causing the hydrological cycle and not We do nothing to prevent it. What would you do if they told you that the water was gone? I leave it to your discretion I think you know whether to take care of or spend the water.