Essay on Human Relations

Create a system to improve the interpersonal relationships of employees of a Company.

At present, due to the great changes that have been experienced by the societies caused by the advance of technology and the discovery of new sciences, which in turn have created disciplines and professions not known until now.

According to the organization of the present society and the way in which human beings act it is necessary to establish INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS with the individuals that we have daily contact in the person life and in the WORK, since these allow to develop the daily tasks of a better way conducting To the success of the ORGANIZATION and of the families themselves.

A company must be able to develop different activities such as: Seminars, meetings, conferences or any other methodology that allows designing TECHNIQUES to make its collaborators more effective and efficient.

Before designing and implementing any system to improve interpersonal relationships, the company must take into account that the treatment it gives to employees, will have to be in accordance with what they deserve precisely because of their status as autonomous human beings, holders of PRINCIPLES, beliefs , Customs and PERSONALITY. In addition to CAPACITIES, talents and strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the system to be used must be based on RESPECT, ETHICS, JUSTICE as principles that must have members of any organization.

In order to have a HARMONY it is necessary to SENSIBILITIES the employees of the importance of good human relations, since in the exercise of these, it will allow to carry out its work with excellence, it will totally improve COMMUNICATION at all levels of the company, will allow to develop LEADERSHIP, SYMPATHY. MOTIVATION, SECURITY and DISPOSITION to carry out their work. As a result a GHANA-GALA relationship is established with the internal and external clients of the Company, since a satisfied employee will reflect JOY to the CLIENT and this in turn CONTRIBUTE to reach the organizational GOALS and OBJECTIVES.


Undoubtedly, human relationships based on principles are a fundamental platform in a Company, since it creates NORMS for internal clients – employees – that allow them to be more competent, COLLABORATORS and RESPONSIBLE, in addition they will be EMPOWERED to carry out techniques Of SEDUCTION that will establish the competitive advantage in front of the companies of the sector. As a consideration, the company must design strategies that allow to reward or INCENTIVIZE their employees in a GENEROUS way that generates performance in terms of productivity in the Company.

Essay on cyber crimes

INTRODUCTION- Through the present work I intend to define everything that has to do with the Computer Crime System, the legal computer system that contemplates computer crimes today, that is why computers are used not only as auxiliary tools to support different activities But also as an effective means to obtain and obtain information, which also places them as a new means of communication, and conditions their development of information technology; Technology whose essence is summarized in the creation, processing, storage and transmission of data.

Informatics is present today in almost all fields of modern life. More or less quickly, all branches of human knowledge surrender to technological progress, and begin to use information systems to execute tasks that they once did manually.

The increasingly important and sustained progress of computer systems today allows us to process and make available to society an increasing amount of information of all kinds, within the concrete reach of millions of stakeholders and users. The most diverse spheres of human knowledge, scientific, technical, professional and personal are being incorporated into computer systems that, in everyday practice, in fact without limitations, easily deliver to those who want a set Of data that until a few years ago could only be located after long searches and selections in which the man was playing a determining role and the existing machines had the rank of auxiliary equipment to print the results. Nowadays, however, this enormous amount of knowledge can be obtained in seconds or minutes, transmitted even in a documentary way and reach the receiver through simple systems of operation, reliable and able to answer almost the whole range of questions that arise Computer files.

It can be argued that today the perspectives of legal computing have no foreseeable limits and increase in such a way that it is the study of jurisprudence and of the matter of connectedness that can still stop the crimes or they can be punished with Law 1273 of 2009, Ancillary science of criminal law developed to combat punishable offenses related to information technology to transfer and steal money, was established to protect the legal good and is constituted in four articles that deal with the following crimes: Abusive access to a computer system , Illegitimate obstruction of computer system or Telecommunication network is Interception of computer data Computer damage Use of malicious software Violation of personal data Impersonation of websites to capture personal data Circumstances of punitive aggravation Computer theft and similar Theft Non-consensual transfer of active, all Are precisely explained by the consequences of the theft of confidential information and the punishment of destructive social behaviors, since computer technology as an increasingly used network required the presence of the authorities in order to put an end to smuggling Of information that is affecting every day thousands of citizens. A pertinent example of the corruption that is stalking the disrespect of the data is the case that was lived in the city of Barranquilla the past days where they discovered that this was practicing this illegality with the information in a hospital of the city, that luckily I tell With the monitoring of the authorities.

As for my opinion I consider that this law is just for those “information traffickers” and necessary for the users of this data network. And it is just all the sanctions that would be granted to people who disrespect the information, and being objective with these behaviors I think they deserve the fines and the years of prison established by this law, and to finish this little essay I intend to bring it up The legislation that exists on computer crimes that is still in development, as there may be many more crimes without contemplating, and I establish as an advantage that the victims can denounce the distributors of confidential information.

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