Descriptive examples of research titles

The description is one of the resources most used in the language both oral and written, so a descriptive research can not be lacking if what is wanted to achieve in this research is to get the knowledge and understanding of different situations, attitudes and customs Which predominate through the use of correct words that accurately describe the activities, processes, and people involved. That is why, like any good process that is to be successfully carried out, there are several stages to be carried out, which are usually 9, but may vary according to what we are trying to investigate.

But to understand perfectly what descriptive research is, it is necessary to have two good examples that make it perfectly understand what we are talking about when we call this type of process. These examples are:

* Conduct a population census, in order to obtain data about how many people inhabit a region that can be a country, province or state.
* Determine certain characteristics that have the public schools of a certain country, with the purpose of improving them or knowing which issues can be modified.

Essay on cyber crimes

INTRODUCTION- Through the present work I intend to define everything that has to do with the Computer Crime System, the legal computer system that contemplates computer crimes today, that is why computers are used not only as auxiliary tools to support different activities But also as an effective means to obtain and obtain information, which also places them as a new means of communication, and conditions their development of information technology; Technology whose essence is summarized in the creation, processing, storage and transmission of data.

Informatics is present today in almost all fields of modern life. More or less quickly, all branches of human knowledge surrender to technological progress, and begin to use information systems to execute tasks that they once did manually.

The increasingly important and sustained progress of computer systems today allows us to process and make available to society an increasing amount of information of all kinds, within the concrete reach of millions of stakeholders and users. The most diverse spheres of human knowledge, scientific, technical, professional and personal are being incorporated into computer systems that, in everyday practice, in fact without limitations, easily deliver to those who want a set Of data that until a few years ago could only be located after long searches and selections in which the man was playing a determining role and the existing machines had the rank of auxiliary equipment to print the results. Nowadays, however, this enormous amount of knowledge can be obtained in seconds or minutes, transmitted even in a documentary way and reach the receiver through simple systems of operation, reliable and able to answer almost the whole range of questions that arise Computer files.

It can be argued that today the perspectives of legal computing have no foreseeable limits and increase in such a way that it is the study of jurisprudence and of the matter of connectedness that can still stop the crimes or they can be punished with Law 1273 of 2009, Ancillary science of criminal law developed to combat punishable offenses related to information technology to transfer and steal money, was established to protect the legal good and is constituted in four articles that deal with the following crimes: Abusive access to a computer system , Illegitimate obstruction of computer system or Telecommunication network is Interception of computer data Computer damage Use of malicious software Violation of personal data Impersonation of websites to capture personal data Circumstances of punitive aggravation Computer theft and similar Theft Non-consensual transfer of active, all Are precisely explained by the consequences of the theft of confidential information and the punishment of destructive social behaviors, since computer technology as an increasingly used network required the presence of the authorities in order to put an end to smuggling Of information that is affecting every day thousands of citizens. A pertinent example of the corruption that is stalking the disrespect of the data is the case that was lived in the city of Barranquilla the past days where they discovered that this was practicing this illegality with the information in a hospital of the city, that luckily I tell With the monitoring of the authorities.

As for my opinion I consider that this law is just for those “information traffickers” and necessary for the users of this data network. And it is just all the sanctions that would be granted to people who disrespect the information, and being objective with these behaviors I think they deserve the fines and the years of prison established by this law, and to finish this little essay I intend to bring it up The legislation that exists on computer crimes that is still in development, as there may be many more crimes without contemplating, and I establish as an advantage that the victims can denounce the distributors of confidential information.

Argumentative essay example

Let’s look at an example of a brief argumentative essay in which the author will try to convince readers that MTV is a bad influence for youth.

“The MTV television channel enjoys great popularity among a large sector of youth in all countries where it is possible to see it. However the attitude of the same is not responsible with its audience and are responsible for giving a distorted image of youth in a series of programs that undoubtedly represent a bad influence for young people, as I will demonstrate in the following essay.

To begin with, this channel has popularized programs in which the protagonists engage in absurd activities in which they are beaten and injured and have been imitated in other countries in a dangerous war to see who makes it even more difficult. Hundreds of young people have uploaded their own versions of the program to the Internet, convinced that it is something fun and that if their idols do it can not be bad.

The reality is that many end up in the hospital with serious injuries like bruises and broken bones. Unfortunately, there has also been some dead in performing these unconscious imitations.

On the other hand are the “Shore” programs where groups of young people live together in a spectacle of supposed reality that has little to do with authentic youth and in which doubtful values ​​are promoted. Everything is worth to go on the television and be famous and the only objective of its participants seems to be having fun, spending money and practicing sex, yes, telling it for everyone to know.

The real reality is that most people of that age are graduating from college or struggling to find a place in the job market, starting to live independently and responsibly.

Television should foster positive values ​​among young people as they bear the responsibility of turning this world into a better place. Showing eternal teenagers, sometimes in their thirties, with thoughtless and unconscious behavior gives a non-real image of most young people and catches on people who take them as a referent. For this reason I think that MTV is a negative channel that should not be seen by our youth. “

Difference between thesis or master’s thesis

The main difference between a thesis (thesis) or Master’s thesis and a doctoral thesis, is that the former do not require making an original contribution to the development of knowledge.

Linked to the above, Master’s theses or dissertations do not necessarily require a hypothesis.

(In simple terms, a hypothesis raises a causal relationship, that is, A happens because of B. Or conversely, B is a consequence of A. In this case, the thesis is to verify the truth of that hypothesis .)

If the type of thesis and the knowledge of the student on the subject merit it, a hypothesis can be included, but as previously said, it is not obligatory.

In theses in general, and especially in those that have no hypothesis, it is important to formulate the general objective well. The same denotes the purpose and scope of it.

However, the most important thing in a thesis is the coherence between the scope of the objective formulated, the order and scope of the arguments and their conclusion.

Types of thesis

There are multiple thesis classifications, however the most common for masters and theses are:

Exploratory: refers to research in which there is a general lack of knowledge about the subject. Thus, it is necessary to investigate to identify causal and foundations of the same.

Descriptive: Based on the description of a phenomenon or fact. It presupposes a prior knowledge of the subject, which leads to more precise questions focused on the relationship between variables.

Explanatory: they are based on the identification of the relationships between variables. It tends to explain more clearly the relationship between variables.

Depending on the degree of knowledge of the student will choose which type of thesis is most appropriate to his study.

What changes, when it comes to raising the issue is, first of all, the state of the issue and the type of questions that are asked to formulate the problem and thus identify objectives.

As mentioned earlier in the exploratory and descriptive theses, hypotheses can be dispensed with.

Although less frequent, in some cases, propositional theses can be proposed, which, given a definite and unresolved problem, offer an alternative, a mechanism or a device (eg, a resolution or analysis framework or software).

All these categories have to be considered after having chosen the theme of the thesis.

The following is a typical structure of a thesis project.

1. Title
2. Theme status and theoretical framework
3. Justification
4. Hypothesis (if any).
5. Overall objective.
6. Specific objectives.
7. Methodology and Sources

1. Title
It is the object of study. You must state what the thesis is about. Ideally it should circumscribe or limit the temporal and spatial reach of it. In this way we have already solved the first critical point that is the excessive breadth of work. Then, with the overall goal will be seen more clearly.


“The productive chain of bio fuels in that country during 2008 – 2010”.
“Peasant movements as a social variable in such country or region during the period 1990-2000”.
“The development of management software in such place in 2011”
“Relations between Europe and South America during 1990 – 2000”.

It can be added a subtitle to better locate who reads the thesis.

Another important aspect of the research is the “Research Question”, which refers to the “Problem”.

It must be considered in terms of interrogation, which is the aspect to be clarified, ie what the thesis will try to elucidate. Also, the question should address the causes and / or consequences of the phenomenon studied. As will be seen further ahead, if there is a hypothesis, this may be a tentative answer to the research question. is always here to assist you with your thesis writing assignments.