Descriptive examples of research titles

The description is one of the resources most used in the language both oral and written, so a descriptive research can not be lacking if what is wanted to achieve in this research is to get the knowledge and understanding of different situations, attitudes and customs Which predominate through the use of correct words that accurately describe the activities, processes, and people involved. That is why, like any good process that is to be successfully carried out, there are several stages to be carried out, which are usually 9, but may vary according to what we are trying to investigate.

But to understand perfectly what descriptive research is, it is necessary to have two good examples that make it perfectly understand what we are talking about when we call this type of process. These examples are:

* Conduct a population census, in order to obtain data about how many people inhabit a region that can be a country, province or state.
* Determine certain characteristics that have the public schools of a certain country, with the purpose of improving them or knowing which issues can be modified.