Essay on Human Relations

Create a system to improve the interpersonal relationships of employees of a Company.

At present, due to the great changes that have been experienced by the societies caused by the advance of technology and the discovery of new sciences, which in turn have created disciplines and professions not known until now.

According to the organization of the present society and the way in which human beings act it is necessary to establish INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS with the individuals that we have daily contact in the person life and in the WORK, since these allow to develop the daily tasks of a better way conducting To the success of the ORGANIZATION and of the families themselves.

A company must be able to develop different activities such as: Seminars, meetings, conferences or any other methodology that allows designing TECHNIQUES to make its collaborators more effective and efficient.

Before designing and implementing any system to improve interpersonal relationships, the company must take into account that the treatment it gives to employees, will have to be in accordance with what they deserve precisely because of their status as autonomous human beings, holders of PRINCIPLES, beliefs , Customs and PERSONALITY. In addition to CAPACITIES, talents and strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the system to be used must be based on RESPECT, ETHICS, JUSTICE as principles that must have members of any organization.

In order to have a HARMONY it is necessary to SENSIBILITIES the employees of the importance of good human relations, since in the exercise of these, it will allow to carry out its work with excellence, it will totally improve COMMUNICATION at all levels of the company, will allow to develop LEADERSHIP, SYMPATHY. MOTIVATION, SECURITY and DISPOSITION to carry out their work. As a result a GHANA-GALA relationship is established with the internal and external clients of the Company, since a satisfied employee will reflect JOY to the CLIENT and this in turn CONTRIBUTE to reach the organizational GOALS and OBJECTIVES.


Undoubtedly, human relationships based on principles are a fundamental platform in a Company, since it creates NORMS for internal clients – employees – that allow them to be more competent, COLLABORATORS and RESPONSIBLE, in addition they will be EMPOWERED to carry out techniques Of SEDUCTION that will establish the competitive advantage in front of the companies of the sector. As a consideration, the company must design strategies that allow to reward or INCENTIVIZE their employees in a GENEROUS way that generates performance in terms of productivity in the Company.